Exterior Body parts Bodywork Beetle (XView 1-02)

Mountingstrip hoodseal

model:1500 mm

update sync 27/09/2020

The seal that takes care of the sealing of the front hood on the body of Type 1 Beetle is assembled in a metallic curbed strip , that has been welded on its turn onto the body. Due to this way of assembly as well as the way of construction of this sealing side, it is very susceptible to corrosion. Since a lot of years we had this metallic strip in 1000mm available. It was convenient to repair and replace a damaged mounting strip, though it was sometimes a bit too short. Resulting that repairs had to be made with an additional part, which made that the final work didn’t look very nice. From now on we can present an alternative in a length of 1500mm.

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