Boot floor side repair panel, left


update sync 24/03/2023

The boot floor behind the rear seat of Type 1 VW Beetle is a place very susceptible to rust ever since the VW Beetle has been in production and you can perceive it above all at the side panels of the luggage compartment right under the rear window. As a result of condensation in the vehicle and sound-damping covers, moisture keeps a bit longer present on these spots. The underside of de boot floor is often attacked by moisture and dirt that sticks at the underside of the angles of the body, on the welding seams and between the rear axle housing and body. You can imagine the consequences, the connecting seams of the inner wings and the rear reinforcing angles will definitely rust and often they are completely rusted away. Unfortunately the complete repair plate of the luggage compartment is no longer in production, however our purchase department has found a good alternative, so that the sides of the luggage compartment can be repaired again. Available each and for each side.

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