Exterior Wings and runningboards Steel fenders for Beetles

Fender front right, with horn grill (SWT)

OEM:111 821 022
Beetle -10/52

Silver Weld Through (SWT)

update sync 26/09/2022

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Top notch quality deep draw stamped on real cast toolings in no less than 8 strikes (plus headlight bowls that is).
We use the correct metal thickness and pressed in the right radius.
We made the correct “hump” next to the headlight bowl and a perfect “bump” near the running board.
We also took a lot of care for the “flat’ on the returning edge.
We have invested days and nights in the design of the headlight bowl and assembled the whole exactly as Volkswagen did back in the day with the headlight wire tube all in place.
Each fender is individually packed in its own proper box for maximum protection and easy shipping.

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