Headlining convertible - cotton / beige

Beetle -07/57

For the newer Beetles 08/64- we have two types in 2 colours. For the older Beetles -07/64 we have convertible headlines in material (stock style). The material is the same for a Beetle as for a Karmann Ghia.To get the right material, please give us the following stock references:
-2 white perforated vinyl (small holes) 08/64-
-3 white full vinyl (without holes) 08/64-
-4 black perforated vinyl (with small holes) 08/64-
-5 black full vinyl (without holes) 08/64-
F.i.: 9200-44 is a black perforated vinyl headlining for a Beetle convertible dated 1972.

update sync 05/02/2023

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