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Bumperguard front, left and right, each

OEM:213 707 155A
model: Bus 59-67

update sync 22/09/2020

The complete bumper guards (# 0012-650 & # 0013-650) have already been presented in a previous newsletter the moment they became available. However ever since customers ask us frequently after loose parts of the American bumper guard version. It is not always necessary to replace all parts of the bumper guard, thatÂ’s why we give you now the opportunity to acquire each part separately. Available each from stock.Related products#0009-910 Bumperguard bow, front, each#0009-920 Bumperguard rear, left, each#0009-925 Bumperguard rear, right, each#0009-930 Bumperguard bow rear left, each#0009-935 Bumperguard bow rear right, each

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