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Bumper splashpans - pair

OEM:211 707 365D + 211 707 366D
Bus 08/67-07/71

update sync 02/07/2022

This splash pan is the metal plate between your rear bumper and the body of your bus, on every corner left and right, starting from the bumper bracket going all the way to the edge. It keeps mud, water and dust, thrown up behind your rear wheels, from splashing between your bumper upwards. When no splash pans have been installed, this makes your body dirty and tail lights invisible.If your bus doesn’t have splash pans, then they’re missing. Every early bay window bus left the factory with splash pans!Many times they’re missing because it’s easier to mount a bumper without, or, simply, they are rusted out and thrown away…We, @ BBT, have now a perfect replacement splash pan, ready to mount! Nicely made for a correct fit! Sold by the pair, and fits all early bay windows till 07/71, NOT the zwitter T2ab bus, they’re different.For Split window buses we have them already longer time under BBT ref 0077-010.

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